About the Heritage Places Branch Online Database

The online database provides access to some of the historical site research made available by the Heritage Places Branch of the Mission District Historical Society.

What can I use The Heritage Places Branch Gateway for?

Use this site to learn more about historical sites in Mission that may be of interest to you, whether for serious research or simply to take a glimpse into our community's fascinating and exciting past.

All research material (text) on this site is protected by copyright; however, it may be used under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act. In other words, material from this site may be used for the purposes of education, parody or satire, research, private study, criticism and review; but in such cases, must be cited/referenced properly.

All images available through this site remain the property of their owner(s). Copyright and use of images on this site are governed by their owner(s). For instance, all images marked "Courtesy Mission Community Archives" are the sole property of the Mission Community Archives, and permission to download, copy, or use these images must be obtained from that institution.

Who runs The Heritage Places Branch Gateway?

The Gateway is managed by the Mission Historical Society. It was established to modernize how users can get access to the huge repository of information that is available through the Historical Society's three branches: Mission Community Archives, Mission Museum and Heritage Places Branch.

Help with The Mission Archives Gateway

The Heritage Places Branch is always pleased to add to its data holdings and to receive feedback or further information from the community. If you or anyone you know has information pertaining to any of Mission's historical sites, please contact the Branch Coordinator (hpb@heritage-places.com).